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All Medical Workers to Get Double Pay Rise


New pay raises proposed in the Uganda budget framework are stirring up excitement and receiving big endorsements from teachers, judges and medical practitioners.

Medical workers will receive 100% pay raise across all levels if the proposals get the much-needed nod of approval. According to a list seen by Ugandan Health Website, a senior medical consultant shall earn Shs 17,400,000, up from Shs 7,300,000.

A medical consultant’s pay cheque will bulge to Shs 12,700,000, up from Shs 6,000,000 and a principal medical officer will earn Shs 8,000,000, up from Shs 4,500,000.

An enrolled nurse will earn Shs 1,300,000, up from Shs 613,000. Interviewed for a comment on Monday, Samuel Oledo, president of the Uganda Medical Association, said the 100 per cent pay raise would motivate medical workers who sacrifice a lot to uplift the standards of Uganda’s medical sector. Oledo emphasized that doctors will eagerly wait for May 2022, for the new salaries to be approved for the new financial year.

Ugandan medical workers during the lockdown

Oledo said, “We welcome the new changes in the salaries. Away from the salaries, we are expecting the 69 vehicles for our senior medical consultants as well.”

He warned, though, that if the pay raise structure is not approved, it would trigger the “mother of all industrial actions” never witnessed in Uganda.

In the last 10 years, government has grappled with several strike actions sanctioned by different associations and unions of nurses, teachers, medical doctors and judicial officers.

In the aftermath of the disastrous November-December 2021 industrial action by doctors gainst low pay, poor working conditions and absence of personal protective gear in government facilities, the government pledged to increase salaries of medical officers to Shs 5 million, senior medical consultants (Shs 17m), and intern doctors (Shs 2.5m). 

Intern doctors currently earn Shs 750, 000, medical officers (Shs 3m) and consultants (Shs 7.3m). It is hoped that these new increments will address the recurrent strikes that have dogged Uganda’s health, education and judicial sector.

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